About Western Balkans Innovation and Research Platform

One of the key challenges identified by innovation practitioners in the Western Balkans is the lack of systematized information about ongoing or forthcoming innovation initiatives, projects, resources and opportunities in general.

In addition, several international organisations are dealing with similar issues and there is an evident gap in coordination among stakeholders.

Therefore, the key goals of the Western Balkans Innovation and Research Platform are to:

  • exchange innovation-related information about ongoing and planned activities in the region,
  • avoid major overlaps between initiatives and duplication of donor efforts,
  • identify complementarities and join forces where possible,
  • coordinate activities among stakeholders (policy-makers, practitioners, businesses, research organisations, higher-education institutions, international organisations, international financial institutions, civil society organisations etc.).

The website’s mission is to syndicate key innovation & research-related information from various sources and make it available to the wider public including research organisations and individual scholars, businesses and business organisations, practitioners and policy-makers from the region and beyond.

The Platform has been created by the Regional Cooperation Council (RCC), an all-inclusive, regionally owned and led cooperation framework. This framework engages RCC participants from the South-East Europe (SEE), members of the international community and donors on subjects that are important and of interest to the SEE, with a view to promoting and advancing the European and Euro-Atlantic integration of the region.