Western Balkans Institutional Open Science Policies and Repositories

11 Nov 2022 News Open Science
WBC-RRI.net - Open Science Policies and Repositories

The WBC-RRI project has mapped the Western Balkans institutional open science policies and repositories that is now available online.

The purpose of the map is to to establish shared resources for Open Science in the Western Balkans.

A user can find links to open science policies at the level of WB economies and institutions, and institutional open science repositories.

Open Science Policies and Repositories

These useful links to open science documents may be used as a source of inspiration by other institutions.

For example, research organisations can use different models of open policies available on the website to create their own open science policies.

Similarly, they can use the existing institutional repositories as models for their institutional repositories. Also, they can exploit the existing repositories to deposit their research results.

To make use of these resources, feel free to write to the project administrators via this form.

The project's goal is to continuously monitor existing resources and contribute to the improvement of the open science practice in all Western Balkan economies.

The existing resources are based on the preliminary data collected until July 1, 2022. However, the questionnaire is still available for all interested stakeholders at the WBC-RRI.Net website:

Link to the questionnaire

The plan is to expand the lists during 2023 with new policies and repositories, to become part of the common OA/OS infrastructure for the WBCs.

Report on the existing open science practice in the Western Balkan economies is available here.