Open Research Europe (ORE): Empowering Research and Collaboration

20 Mar 2024 News
Open Research Europe (ORE)

Open Research Europe (ORE) is an open-access publishing venue for European Commission-funded researchers across all disciplines, with no author fees. 

It is a dynamic venue for publishing research articles and data produced through Horizon 2020 and Horizon Europe projects. 

ORE promotes transparency, reproducibility, and impact across diverse scientific, social science, and humanities fields.

ORE’s Handy Key Features

ORE brings several handy features to researchers and the research community. 

First, ORE ensures swift dissemination of research findings through rapid publication. Articles are published within days of submission, allowing others to build upon new ideas promptly.

Authors engage in transparent peer review, suggesting appropriate reviewers and participating in an open dialogue. This process fosters collaboration and constructive feedback.

ORE includes citations to all supporting data and materials, enabling reanalyses, replication, and reuse. Researchers can access comprehensive information to advance their work.

Lastly, ORE aligns seamlessly with the European Commission’s open access requirements. Researchers can share their work freely without administrative burdens or author fees.

Rapid open-access publication allows others to build upon new ideas right away. In addition, data sharing, transparency, and attribution remove obstacles to collaborative research.

ORE might be of use to many researchers around the Western Balkans who struggle with access to major scientific database sources. 

For more information, visit the official Open Research Europe website