Publish Papers via Open Research Europe

14 Feb 2024 News
Open Research Europe ORE

The Open Research Europe (ORE) is the open-access scientific publishing platform of the European Commission. 

ORE was launched in March 2021 as an optional and cost-free service for beneficiaries of Horizon Europe grants. 

The ORE has extended eligibility and will be accepting scientific publications/articles produced by all EU framework programme beneficiaries. This means expanding its remit beyond the Horizon Europe programme. 

ORE was established to support open-access publishing as the modus operandi for scientific publishing in the future and to support the uptake of open-access policy. 

It follows an innovative open-access publishing model based on open peer review after publication. It supports scientific transparency and reuse, as articles and reviews are open access and licensed under CC BY (Creative Commons Attribution type). 

The platform has robust scientific policies and guidelines that must be met by all authors.  It is supported by an international scientific advisory board and is indexed in important indexers, such as Scopus, PubMed and many others.

There is plenty of information about the platform (see website) and how ORE worksfor anyone wishing to publish in ORE.