2nd REINFORCING Open Call (Incubators Call) on Balkans

25 Apr 2024 Calls

The REINFORCING project offers an exceptional opportunity to research organisations involved in Open and Responsible Research and Innovation (ORRI). 

The ORRI approach promotes collaborative efforts from sharing research outputs as early as possible to engaging citizens in co-creation processes.

This call is the second of 7 that the project is launching for cascading grants, and it supports territories and organisations experimenting with ORRI for the first time (ORRI Incubators Open Calls). 

The Call aims to strengthen ORRI within the Balkans, engaging institutions to commit to understanding and implementing ORRI principles and practices. 

Call requirements and details

The consortium should include at least 2 entities based in EU countries (Member State or associated country). 

At least one of the entities should be based or operating in the Balkans and should be the main beneficiary with most of the activities conducted at its premises.

Funded projects are expected to release at least one ORRI resource (or tool) to be included in the REINFORCING online platform. 

For this Incubator call, no more than 8 consortia implementing projects lasting 12 months will be supported with grants of up to 60,000 euros for each consortium.

All proposals will be submitted electronically via the REINFORCING project website.

Proposals must be received by the Call closing date on 30 May 2024.


REINFORCING project is the European central hub for Open and Responsible Research and Innovation. 

The project’s platform is the entry point to knowledge, training, mentoring and capacity building for organisations interested in starting or continuing their journey to creating an inclusive R&I ecosystem. 

Besides gathering and curating knowledge, the project brokers unique networking opportunities for organisations, institutions and territories interested in becoming part of the European ecosystem that is transforming the R&I system by bringing it closer to society and societal needs.