EIT Jumpstarter: Launching Innovative Ideas in the Western Balkans

13 Mar 2024 Calls
EIT Jumpstarter 2024

Access the largest innovation network of EIT Communities with the EIT Jumpstarter program and compete for the first prize of up to €10,000 in nine categories.

The EIT Jumpstarter helps innovators and entrepreneurs validate a viable business model around their innovative product/service ideas. If your business idea is sustainable, you are encouraged to register.

The program is specifically designed to propel scientific discoveries and great ideas from the minds of aspiring entrepreneurs, including in the Western Balkans.

Benefits of EIT Jumpstarter

EIT Jumpstarter aims to bridge the gap between scientific discoveries and marketable businesses in Central and Eastern Europe. The program addresses the region's untapped potential by providing crucial support to innovators.

Benefits for aspiring entrepreneurs include:

Idea refinement: 

EIT Jumpstarter offers guidance and resources to help entrepreneurs refine their business concepts.

Financial aid

The program grants up to €10,000 to turn promising ideas into reality.


EIT Jumpstarter fosters connections with experienced professionals, mentors, and fellow innovators.

Is it for me?

EIT Jumpstarter is ideal for scientific project teams, innovators, scientists, PhD students or masters students who want to bring their ideas out of the lab to the market. Consider applying if your product or service idea aims to disrupt the existing markets in the following sectors: 

  • healthcare, 
  • agri-food, 
  • raw materials, 
  • energy, 
  • urban mobility or 
  • manufacturing. 

What will you learn?

During the eighth month-long programme, you will find and validate the best business model for your innovative idea. 

The courses build on the lean start-up methodology from Silicon Valley translated to the European Environment. 

You will learn about refining your deal, market segmentation, customer value proposition, market segmentation, financials, investment basics, and legal basics. 

You will receive travel and accommodation support during the program. 

The best teams in each category will have the chance to win a €10,000 money prize.

Why it is unique?

EIT Jumpstarter is a very selective, competitive program. Participating in it opens doors towards the European markets and connects the best teams with the seven EIT Communities’ large industrial partners.

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