EOSC Future Project Opportunities for WB Researchers

17 May 2023 Calls Open Science
EOSC Future project

The EOSC Future project will provide special support for training of researchers from the Western Balkan region (and Ukraine) focused on EOSC, Open Science, FAIR and related principles.

EOSC stands for European Open Science Cloud.

The travel and accommodation costs for a limited number of participants from the Western Balkans (and Ukraine) will be covered by the EOSC Future project.

Datathon on Sensitive Data

The first training possibility is the Datathon on Sensitive Data, organized by Data Infrastructure Capacity for EOSC – DICE.

The goal of the Datathon is to address the challenge of handling privacy and sensitive data, to be held in Amsterdam 30 May 2023 to 01 June 2023.

Participants will obtain hands-on experience with managing their sensitive data with the facilities and workflows being developed within the DICE project.

Collaborative initiatives and guest presentations from other projects are also planned, offering a rich experience to Datathon participants on all aspects and challenges of sensitive data management.

Through the EOSC Future project, 15 participants from the Western Balkan economies (and Ukraine) can be funded to participate at this event.

Registration for this event closes on Friday 19th of May 2023.

More about the event, as well as the registration link can be found here https://www.dice-eosc.eu/news-events/events/dice-datathon-sensitive-data (please use the on-site registration).

EUDAT Summer School 2023

The second training event for which the EOSC Future project will provide travel and accommodation for the Western Balkan (and Ukrainian) participants is the EUDAT Summer School 2023, to be organized in Kajaani, Finland, 26 – 30 June 2023.

The school aims to strengthen the skills required to excel in data management, getting the participants geared up to manage and process data throughout the full, research-data lifecycle (data discovery; data processing; data analysis; data preservation and publishing).

EOSC Future project 2

The school will offer 2 tracks. First, Providers Track for research or academic institution IT system administrators, community or data managers looking at providing research data services for their communities. This is particularly important for learning how to deploy EUDAT services.

Second, Users Track, aimed to provide early career or Bachelor, Masters, PhD or Postdoc programme students currently engaged in complex research environments with the latest best practices in research data management covering the complete research data lifecycle.

The First deadline for registration is Friday 19th of May, while the final deadline is 26th of May 2023.

Through the EOSC Future project, 10 participants from the WB countries (and Ukraine) will receive funding for travel and accommodation to participate at this summer school.

More about the event, as well as the registration link can be found here https://eudat.eu/summer-schools/eudat-summer-school-2023.

Researchers from the Western Balkan are strongly encouraged to register for both of these events.