Support Programme for Digital Innovation Hubs Call

Support Programme for Digital Innovation Hubs

Support programme for development of Digital Innovation Hubs in the Western Balkans open call has been published.

The Regional Cooperation Council is looking for a qualified consultant to implement a support programme for development of Digital Innovation Hubs (DIHs) in the Western Balkans.

The specific purpose of the assignment is to

  1. identify existing or upcoming funding opportunities and capacity-building schemes to support the growth of DIHs in the region and
  2. build a pipeline of project concepts that would be suitable for such opportunities.


Previously, the RCC conducted a mapping of the region's DIHs to identify their needs and propose regional cooperation actions.

The majority of self-declared DIHs in the region primarily provide basic, supplementary services. As a result, there is a mismatch between the roles of DIHs and their perceived functions.

Implementing new technologies in SMEs also proves challenging due to limited knowledge and investment in WB.

Stakeholders in the region do not fully understand DIHs, partly because they only offer access to a limited number of resources such as incubation, preparation and networking, instead of acting as one-stop-shops, serving companies within their region to digitalise their business.

The consultancy aims to support the activities undertaken by the RCC in the framework of implementation of the Common Regional Market (CRM) Action Plan 2021-2024.

The CRM’s Regional Innovation Area component aims to assist development of a regional innovation ecosystem, including through the development of innovation infrastructure in the region.

Qualified experts are invited to submit their applications in line with the Open Call for Consulting Services.

The deadline for submitting applications for this call is 31st of May 2023.

Find the open call link here.