Supernovas/Women2Invest Mentorship Programme Open Call

24 Mar 2023 Calls Women in STEM

 EU EIT Food, EIT manufacturing and EIT Urban Mobility join forces in the SUPERNOVAS programme to empower women-led start-ups, enable women to join the early-stage funding industry and inspire role models across the sector.
Supernovas/Women2Invest project invites women with STEAM studies to start their careers in venture investment by training them in the fundamentals of this profession and matching them with investors (venture capital, corporate venture capital or corporate venturing units) for internship opportunities.

Women2Invest in a nutshell

Women2Invest is an access and training activity aimed at:

  1. Helping women start their careers in venture investment
  2. Giving investors access to a pool of promising women that will add diversity to their investment teams.


  • Identifying and and selecting a pool of participants with STEAM degrees interested in starting a career in venture investment (previous investment education or experience is not required).
  • Training the participants in the fundamentals of venture investment to prepare them for an entry role in the industry
  • Networking with seasoned investment professionals, other participants and Women2Invest alumnae
  • Matching candidates with participating funds (VC or Corporate VC) looking to recruit candidates for a paid internship.


Who is it for?

Participants should meeting these criteria:

  • STEAM graduates (undergraduate, masters of PhD)
  • Passport from one of the 27 EU member states or one of the Horizon Europe Associated countries
  • With genuine interest in the venture capital industry / investment in startups. No previous experience is required

More details on the terms here

Interested in joining the 2023 cohort? You can apply here

The call will remain open until May 31st 2023!