Apply Now: European Excellence Initiative, Teaming for Excellence, and Hop-on Facility Calls

12 Jan 2023 Calls
Horizon Europe

Looking to advance your research or innovation? Check out the European Excellence Initiative, Teaming for Excellence, and Hop-on Facility calls!

European Excellence Initiative call

The European Excellence Initiative call, with an application deadline of 12 April 2023, aims to support the creation of top-level research clusters by encouraging cooperation between excellent research teams from different countries. This call is perfect for those looking to establish new, cutting-edge research collaborations at the European level.

This action aims to empower higher education institutions to align with the European Research Area and European Education Area. The objectives are to:

  • Raise excellence in science and value creation through inclusive cooperation in alliances of higher education institutions, focusing on Widening countries
  • Improve global competitiveness and visibility of Europe's higher education institutions, creating critical mass in key areas such as the green transition and Horizon Europe mission areas.

Teaming for Excellence call

The Teaming for Excellence call, also with an application deadline of 12 April 2023, focuses on supporting the creation of innovative, interdisciplinary research teams. This call is ideal for those looking to establish new, ambitious research collaborations that will drive scientific and technological progress.

The Teaming for Excellence program addresses the disparities in R&I performance by establishing new centers of excellence or modernizing existing ones with the help of leading EU or AC partnering institutions. This will increase R&I intensity and help countries attain a competitive position in the European R&I system and globally.

Project results are expected to contribute to:

  • Increased scientific capabilities of the coordinating institution and host country
  • Improved R&I culture in host country
  • Stimulus for institutional and systemic reforms and R&I investments at national level
  • Strengthened collaboration with partners from leading scientific institutions
  • Development and promotion of new research strands
  • Enhanced research and innovation capacities
  • Contribution to specific objectives of supporting programs
  • Enhanced innovation and integration of planned processes and services
  • Enhanced cooperation and synergies with other European projects.

Teaming is vital for EU competitiveness and ability to address societal challenges.

Hop-on Facility call

Finally, the Hop-on Facility call, with an application deadline of 28 September 2023, aims to support the participation of excellent researchers in existing research projects. This call is perfect for researchers looking to join established, high-impact research collaborations and contribute to their success.

The Hop-on Facility allows legal entities from low R&I performing countries to join existing collaborative R&I actions, subject to agreement by the consortium and provided the country is not already represented. The scheme aims to improve inclusiveness of Horizon Europe by involving more research institutions from Widening countries. Main selection criteria are excellence and added value of the new partner, and all consortium partners must agree on the new partner's inclusion.

Project results are expected to contribute to:

  • Mobilization of excellence in Widening countries and increase visibility
  • Improved knowledge circulation and reduced lack of participation in specific domains
  • Opening up of closed consortia and improved research excellence of Widening country institutions
  • Enlarged outreach of R&I actions and access to new talent pools
  • Acquisition of new competencies and skills for working in transnational projects, including research management and dissemination and exploitation.

Don't miss out on these exciting opportunities to take your research or innovation to the next level.

For more information and to apply for European Excellence Initiative, Teaming for Excellence & Hop-on Facility, visit the links provided:

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Teaming for Excellence

Hop-on Facility

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