EIT Foods TeamUp Applications Open

21 May 2022 Calls
EIT Foods TeamUp

Apply for EIT Food TeamUp programme to find the right partner and receive training, coaching and funding.

The call is open to agrifood startups from Montenegro, North Macedonia or Serbia looking for the right co-founder

What is the EIT Food TeamUP programme?

TeamUP programme is designed for two groups of people.

  • People who have an impactful agrifood solution or technology but struggle to commercialise it, and
  • People who have the skills and experience to build a successful agrifood startup.

The 7-month long programme offers several benefits.

The winners will get a chance to find the right business or tech co-founder to help them build and grow an impactful startup.

In addition, they will get access to expert training, coaching and industry network. The third added value is funding.

Lastly, the winners will get psychometric profiling.

Who can apply?

You can apply as a Tech Founder or Business Professional and a citizen/resident of the RIS (Regional Innovation Scheme) countries, including Horizon Europe Associated economies (Montenegro, North Macedonia, Serbia).

If you have an impactful agrifood technology that tackles one of EIT Food's Focus Areas and want to bring your innovative solution to the market.

You should be passionate about entrepreneurship and want to develop and grow an impactful agrifood startup.

Lastly, if you want to partner up with the right co-founder who would lead the business side of developing a startup.

Application Deadlines

Applications for Business Professionals will close on June 3, 2022 

For more information on how to apply, visit this link.

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