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14 Mar 2022 Calls
EIT Urban Mobility

Grow your startup by joining EIT Urban Mobility Accelerator Programmes!

Via the five thematic EU-funded programmes, EIT Urban Mobility intends to help at least 50 startups to grow to the next level. The five accelerator programmes include sustainable city logistics, urban air mobility, e+ mobility, energy and public realm and 5G technologies for urban mobility.

The programmes are for startups solving some of our mobility-related challenges that seek support from a European network with cities, industries and experts. EIT Urban Mobility is looking for early-stage startup teams with all possible ideas that help to solve mobility-related problems and create more liveable cities in Europe and worldwide.

EIT Urban Mobility Accelerator

The EIT Urban Mobility Accelerators help take early-stage mobility startups to the next level. The primary targets are early-stage startup teams with business ideas that reduce congestion and increase efficiency in the transport system.

The emphasis is on innovative approaches to make commuting faster or more enjoyable and concepts to accelerate the transition to low- or zero-emission forms of transport. However, all other possible ideas that help to solve mobility-related problems are welcome.

As an impact investor, the programmes from EIT Urban Mobility align with several of the Sustainable Development Goals like Sustainable cities and communities, Climate action and Good health and well-being.

All six-month accelerator programmes include support services worth between €20,000 and €30,000 such as:

  • Facilitated access to living labs, cities and the EIT Urban Mobility Community​
  • Personalised business coaching
  • Mentoring by industry experts and experienced founders
  • Virtual startup workshops & education​
  • Finding your product-market fit
  • Access to EIT Urban Mobility investment initiatives and funding instruments

The startups applying to the programmes should have clear, scalable business models and products/services, preferably within the range from Technology Readiness Level (TRL) 4 to 6. All requirements can be found in the guide for applicants on the dedicated accelerator programme pages of the different themes.

Eligibility criteria

To participate in the EIT Urban Mobility Accelerator programme you need to fulfil the following eligibility criteria:

  • Startups should have generated less than € 1 million in revenue (accumulated over startup lifetime).
  • No more than max. 5% of your shares are held outside of the eligible countries (no detailed cap table needed).
  • Startup must be incorporated in EU or EIT Urban Mobility participating countries. The registration certificate will be required to participate in the program.
  • A team with at least 2 FTE (not a single founder): minimum 1 team member pursuing the startup fulltime (not necessarily connected to monetary compensation).
  • Founders and employees (e.g. ESOP) should still own more than 70% of shares.
  • A clear, scalable business idea.
  • Duly justified TRL 4-7 (more information here).
  • Fit with the thematic accelerator scope (defined in the dedicated guide for applicants).
  • Full submission of application including all required fields.

Applications from female and diverse teams are especially welcomed!

Make sure to apply before the closing date for your preferred open call to not miss out on this opportunity!